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There's a whole lot more to let's dive in!

And before you know it she's here. You finally get to hold her for the first time and you're so in love with your beautiful creation. 

You want nothing more than to remember every little detail. She has her daddy's nose, your lips and a head full of hair. You just know you need pictures that will capture their newness and memories that will last a lifetime!

Oh, you're in the right place mama!

That's were I come in.

Hey y'all (cajun accent and all) I’m Stacey, and I'll be your newborn photographer today. Okay, maybe not today but soon hopefully. I specialize in newborn photography and I love helping new parents that are obsessed with every perfect detail of your brand new baby. I’m your gal with over 10 years of experience ready to create photos of your new baby, so you are sure to remember every little detail.

you're expecting your sweet little miracle any day now,

the excitement is almost too much to bear.

My mom would tell me all the time, "Stacey, don't be in such a hurry to grow up." I was a rebel, I didn't listen. And in 2004 at the age of 21 I gave birth to my oldest daughter. 


A doctor, a nurse, a firefighter, a teacher are all wonderful things to inspire to be at a young age.
But for me, my answer was always, A MOM!

I told myself I would remember every detail about her. Boy was that a lie lol. 

With my fuzzy, sleep-deprived brain there was no way I could have remembered everything, despite the coffee in my other hand. So it didn't take me long to realize I needed to start taking as many pictures of her as I could.  

Thus began my love for photography!

I was the girl that brought her camera to every birthday party, on every vacation trip, I brought it everywhere. My friends never had to wonder if they would get good pictures of their kids, I was the crazy camera lady. 

After going through a divorce in 2007 I meant the man I now call my dream boat hubby. He truly is the one person in my life that keeps me grounded. He has the amazing superpower of bringing calm into chaos with his laid back demeanor. 

When life hands you lemons make margaritas. Yeah, that's him!

In May of 2012 we got our first positive pregnancy test. Oh the excitement! He loved Hailey to peaces and has always considered her to be his child too, but having a child together was something we both wanted so badly.  

We went in for my 10-week scan and I just felt something wasn't right. The doctor became very quiet and I instantly knew.

Then we heard the words, "I'm so sorry, but there is no heartbeat." I remember feeling like the floor had been ripped from under me.  

Why? Why me, why us? Is it something I did or didn't do? Will we ever be able to have a baby? I had so many questions but no answers.

I needed to feel and mourn' but instead I just switched off and threw myself into work and photography. I didn't want to feel I just wanted another child. 

I didn't stop long enough to process my feelings, so I pretended I was fine. And with every positive pregnancy test afterwords was followed with another let down and before we knew it we were on miscarriage number 5. 



I just knew someday that crazy camera lady title would change to "professional photographer" some day. And it did!

On June 7, 2013 we went in for an ultrasound due to the high risk. And just like every other appointment we had been to before, we sat there holding our breath while waiting to hear the sweet sound of our babies heartbeat.

Once again the doctor went quiet. We knew what was coming, we've been down this road many times, so we prepared ourselves for the words that were coming.

But this time was different. We didn't hear the normal, "Sorry there is no heartbeat." Instead we heard, "I'm so sorry but it looks like you're having an ectopic pregnancy." 

Ever felt like you hit rock bottom? Yeah me too. 

I remember lying in bed with Damien, with tears rolling down our faces that evening and he said to me, "Baby we have to stop. It's one thing for me to lose a child, but it's another for me to lose a child and my wife. We have to take a break."  

I knew what this meant, it meant that I would have to feel, I would have to mourn'. And not just for this miscarriage, but for all 6 of them. 

Stacey, meet rock bottom. Rock bottom, meet Stacey.

Depression hit me hard and I started to question who I was and why was I here. What was I meant to do in this life. There was no way I was sent here to just feel this much pain. 

One day Damien sat me down and said "Okay, what would make you happy? What would it take to get you better?" and my answer came out so quickly. 

Photography! I want to do photography full time. He responded with a simple, "Okay babe, do it, we will make this work!"  

Thus Stacey Hebert Photography LLC was born!

There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of our sweet angels. I wonder what they look like, do they have their dad's blue eyes and my black hair. I know one day I will find out but until then I can't help but wonder.

But through all of this I found a way to make my heart smile again. With every click of my shutter my heart heals a little more. Photographing all the sweet details of newborns for others  is my therapy. It's my way of giving back to the world and my way of keeping our sweet angels memories alive. 

I found my purpose in the midst of my pain and I thank god every day I did!

Just like most my life has led me to experience love, loss, heartache, and tragedy. But through all of this I discovered something truly amazing, my purpose in life.

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